by Total Yuppies

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released July 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Total Yuppies Rochester, New York

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Track Name: Dreaming
I don’t want to go outside tonight, because if I do, I just might run into somebody I know from home.
I instead elect to clean my room, in keeping with the rest of my soggy home - alone.

Now I only drink on the weekend.
Now I only drink in the afternoon.
Spent the summer wasting the morning.
Spent the summer wasted in a crowded room.

This is what I always dreamt it would be: black coffee every couple hours on the couch - my house.
Now I can’t sit still, and all of my friends are sitting in an office messaging my phone - they’ve grown.
Track Name: I Feel Busted
You and I have got a little breathing time, a week or so would be alright, but this just feels so long.

You, my dear, are very, very far from here, impossible for you to hear the beating of my heart.

I got another one, I think I got a hole in my head,
And when I look in the mirror, I see a different face.
I got another one, I think I want a hole in my head,
Just to alleviate this childish sense of hopeless dismay.

Waking up, the coffee isn’t warm enough, the sun
it isn’t bright enough, to cut the mountain air.
Sleepy girl, you’re lucky to have seen the world,
and now you take a bus to work, for twelve hour days.

Soon I’m coming over, to escape the east.
I know that it feels so long.
I know that it’s been so long.
Track Name: Middle Afternoon
We made plans to get coffee, but we both ordered iced tea. I’m usually quick to make conversation, but the silence felt too good to me.

I’m giving you back your jewelry; my sunglasses belong to me. I left my possesions in your apartment back in two thousand and thirteen.
Track Name: Our Waitress For President
You have a beautiful smile, but I see you rolling your eyes at my girlfriend - I try to convince you of my romance, but they never want to see:

Our waitress for president.

You wear the years on your face and we all know, and you don’t seem to mind, I won’t bother to find out why your eyebrows look so perfect.

This is some dumb shit I wrote back when you were lucid.
I will do my very best to not be intrusive.
So I sit quiet, not a nuisance, to:

Our waitress for president.

Dirty dishes, cigarettes, slicked back hair, and fishnets. Photographs of your kids, sore and swollen eyelids. Call me honey one more time, where’s my friend that you replaced? Call me honey one more time, I might just melt into nothing.
Track Name: The Negativity You Put Into The World Is Your Own
I’ve lived here twenty one years, I’m not alone in this town. Your impression of me on Caroline Street (wherever we meet): largely from standing in crowds. Look at that. I’ll go home now.

Normal aggression aside, he’s really quite nice, I’ve known him some time. His band plays at my bar! I like them so far! He gets along with your girl, that beautiful girl, a really small world. She can’t remember his name, but she knows his face from the pictures.

It’s not that hard to be a fast punk; you’re just getting drunk in the daytime.
It’s not that hard to give me a stare and then look over there in the meantime.

We spend the days at our jobs, staring at desks, watching the clock, making a livable wage, at least we get paid. I’m here a couple more months, it’s really no fun, I shouldn’t have come. You work the counter all day,
but scurry away when I see you.

It’s not that hard, you’re such a dumb jerk -
a real piece of work, and I’m leaving.
It’s not that hard to move to the south -
I know just the right house for your meeting.
Track Name: This Is Going To Work - This Is Going To Take A Second
You are up there on my roof, and I didn’t think you’d come around. You are banging on my roof, and scaring my dog because you’re so loud.

I’ve been alone all day, and my throat is singing to itself, I’ve been singing half the day, and no one’s asked to come around.

I’m moving in with my folks.
I’m burning all of my clothes.
I’ve never claimed to know -
How this is going to go.

I don’t have to bag the trash, but I will roll it down the hill. She’s had a long day at work, and tired of me I guess.

Now the sun is coming out, and two long days of rain are gone. I don’t have to go outside;
I can see the sky.